I have a question about Grove EL Driver

I have some problem by EL Driver.

When i test, EL wire and grovePI are normal.
But when i connect [EL wire , EL driver , GrovePI], it won’t turn on.

So, I wonder if A is out of order or if there is a problem with compatibility.

The video file in question is located at the link below.
EL Wire Test : https://goo.gl/QAY5fk
EL Wire - EL driver - GrovePI Test : https://goo.gl/WELckj

Thanks for reading

You might be browning out the power supply. You are powering this with what size power supply? The power port should be directly connected to the power supply on the Raspberry Pi; if you are underpowering that, you might have a brownout.

Your best solution might be to try powering the Raspberry Pi with a charger battery that supplies 2.5A. Also, can’t tell from the video, but if you are powering this with a computer USB port, you will definitely not be supplying enough power to it.

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Hi @soorte,

Provided you have an adequate power supply, you might also test the voltage you’re getting on that port should you have a multi-meter.

This Grove EL Driver might also have the pins reversed.

So for instance, if you connect the driver to port D3, then it’s going to use pin number 3 off of the GrovePi board. But you can also use pin number 4 on port D3, but it’s going to be the one following the 4th.
Please look into the hardware diagram I’ve provided.

Thank you!


Um… So I bought a 3A adapter.
But. I still have same problem.

Did I write it wrong by any chance?

from grovepi import *

Hi @soorte,

You have to do it like in the following example:

And for other basic examples, you can check the following directory in our GrovePi project:

Hope this helps you.

Thank you!

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It’s settled.
You can have D 4, D 5, and D 6 ports.
Frankly speaking, I don’t know why these three are the only ones.
I wish someone would let me know.