I think I need a replacement motor

Hi All,

I received my GoPiGo last week and got it up and running. Initially it wouldn’t continue going forward, it would only go less than an inch then stop immediately. After trying a few more times it seemed to work fine and go until a stop() command was issued.

Now I’m having the original problem again and can’t get it working. After browsing the forums I saw it might be related to a bad motor. When I disconnect what seems to be the bad motor the other motor works fine. When I connect the bad motor and disconnect the good motor it only turns for a fraction of a second. I also connected the good motor to the connection I was using for the bad motor and that seems to work fine also. When I connected the bad motor to the good motor side that didn’t work.

The firmware version is 1.3 and the voltage was between 10 and 11 at the time.

Hello again,

Just want to bump this. Can anyone direct me to how I can obtain a replacement motor?


Hey BobL, we might have a few on hand and could arrange a replacement. Please contact us through our website here: http://dexterindustries.com/contact

Thanks John,

It looks like it’s the connector from the motor to the GoPiGo board. I clipped them off and connected them manually and both motors operate normally. I’m going get new connectors and try that. Looks like that will do it. I’ll let you know.


Good to know Bob. That’s a nice trip we’ll try to use to help other folks if they have the same problem, thanks for letting us know.

Update: I couldn’t get it to work no matter what I did with the connection. I replaced the motors with these I found at Micro Center. After swapping those motors into your motor assembly it works fine. The new motors are a bit slower but that’s no problem. I was reading that brush noise could cause problems so I ordered some capacitors. When I get a chance I’ll put them on the original motors to see if that helps.