I2c address changer

Is there a Grove hardware component (or any solution) to change the address of an I2C device?
My theoretical goal would be to freely shuffle with the addresses.
Practical example: Iā€™d like to connect 8 temp/hum sensors. (they come with the same fixed 0x44 as address)
It must be a common problem I just need clues to find the right direction. :wink:

Hi @andras75,

There is no Grove hardware component to change the I2C addresses of the sensors as they have fixed addresses. One option is to find sensors which support multiple addresses. Other one is to use an I2C Multiplexer, you use this multiplexer and use the channels to access your sensors individually, however this would require soldering.

In your case, since you wish to have 8 temperature-humidity sensors, you should try using analog/digital sensors so that they wont require addresses and can identify the sensors through the pin numbers to which they are connected.

We have our digital temperature and humidity sensor here and we have an example to use it here.

Please let us know if this helps,