I2C Block modification for Data Logging

I am using I2C Sensor Block for an EV3.
I have modified the 8 bytes read block in order to avoid the -128 issue and send a 32 bit value instead of 8 bytes.
The block is working fine, but i would like to be able to use the sensor also in experiments and in the “Data Logging Block”
Those two use cases, allow you to select only some sensors:
From Dexter there is only dPressure sensor and not I2C or the other sensors.

My question is.
Can anybody give me any hint to investigate how to configure one block to be able to be used like dPresure sensor.
I am trying to find the diferences between dPressure and I2C block, to reverse engineering.
But i have spend three days and i dont find how the software knows when one block can be used in experiments and Data Logging block and when not.

If anybody can give any hint of to do it, or where to investigate further, i will thank you a lot

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