I2C from RPI thru Arduberry

Hi. I want to use the i2C comms from the raspberry Python (with an Arduberry connected). In the connection diagram, the RPI i2C pins are being used by Arduberry. I am not very familiar with i2C, but I know that several users can be Daisy-chained to the same port. So, it is safe to use the i2c directly or some other hardware (pull up resistors) must be implemented? Thanks!!

You can use multiple devices and the Arduberry on the I2C interface. Just make sure of two things: No two devices have the same I2C address and you are not trying to read and write on pins A4 and A5.

There is a command on Raspberry Pi: sudo i2cdetect -y 1 or sudo i2cdetect -y 0 which should show you the address of the I2C devices that the Raspberry Pi is able to detect.


Hi Karan. Thanks! I will try it.