I2C Motor Driver v1.3b

I have a Pi 0 w/ Grove Hat and the I2C Motor Driver v1.3b. Dexter Grove software installed. All lights point to powered. i2C address is default 0x0f.

When I execute the ~/Dexter/GrovePi/Software/Python/grove_i2c_motor_driver/motor_example.py
I receive the error
Unable to find the motor driver, check the addrees and press reset on the motor driver and try again

I have no clue how to diagnose this. Help and suggestions are appreciated.

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I don’t know if the pi-zero uses a different port than the pi-2 and later.

Maybe @cleoqc can help?

You may want to try the “standard” Pi that everything is written for, the Pi-3, rather than jump through unnecessary hoops.

I am using the Pi 0 Grove hat.

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