I2C Port Voltage


I was curious if the only voltage available on the I2C ports is 5vdc? And/or is there a 3.3vdc voltage available on the Grove Pi to supply a I2C device that I was to add?

The I2C device requires 3.3vdc max.


All the ports on the GrovePi work on 5V power and logic only so it might not be possible to connect something to the GrovePi, but the pins on the Raspberry pi has a 3.3V power source and the I2C lines on those pins work at 3.3V logic too, so it might be easier for you to connect a sensor directly to the 40pin header.



This is what I had expected … I wanted to double check as I saw other Grove boards with the 5vdc vs. 3.3vdc options, but the schematics told me otherwise.

I’ll use the 40pin header today and see how it goes!