I2C Read/Write block for EV3

John, I’ve been using the I2C block you’ve created for EV3 to try to “break open” the very closed EV3 environment and allow my middle school Engineering students to use Arduinos as I/O controllers for their EV3 bricks. Your I2C block is great EXCEPT that it seems to only support 7 bits of data in each direction. Any value higher than 127 (base 10) gets truncated so it looks like something happens when the MSB is high.

I believe that my co-conspirator, Steve C at Tufts and Reading, MA, has let you know about this. Is this something you can fix and/or can you give us a way to fix it? If we can pass all 8 bits through reliably, we can do some cool things that are literally “out of the box” for EV3 systems.

I plan to use your Lego connector interfaces and some of your sensors going forward and will order some today.

Please let me know if this is something that can be resolved soon. I have a couple of groups of students working on prototypes with me right now.

Thanks. --Dan Andover, MA

Hey Dan,

I’ve just tried to reignite the conversation with Steve. Over the last few months I’ve picked this up and set it down a few times. My memory on the subject is a little hazy, but I’m going to try to enlist some experts that know more about EV3 than I do.

I will be back in touch if we can solve this.