If you ever wanted a blinking LED on your GoPiGo3... (Python)

If you ever thought “I sure would like a blinking LED on my bot”, take a look at

wifi_led_off.sh # stops WiFi LED showing WiFi status

and leds.py

then in your program:

import leds

leds.wifi_blinker_on(egpg, leds.RED)   # Turn WiFi LED blinking RED
# do stuff with a blinking RED light on  
leds.wifi_blinker_off(egpg)    # Turn off blinking WiFi LED

(I’m going to use it when my swap usage gets too high, to tell me to look at the log for a “Health Emergency - Swap Usage Over Threshold”)

BTW, if needed: wifi_led_on.sh # Return normal WiFi LED function