Import Charges from US to Canada

I ordered a goPiGo kit value of 250$ received it today, I am happy of content and packaging but I got bitten by a import fee of 111.62$. Ouch!

The transport was done by UPS.

Is there a way to avoid those prohibitive importation fees?

I will think twice before ordering again.

Thanks for your help.

Hey Patrickjqc, I’m sorry to hear about this, but it is expected. We see this a lot from Canada (despite NAFTA and the opening of the borders for some reason). Your package was shipped from our US warehouse. Sometimes, when we ship it USPS, we don’t see the same customs.

One other option; we have a distributor in Canada, Robotshop.

When we are elected to Canadian parliament, we will try to change these silly import laws. :slight_smile: