Init_light_sensor port

We have a GoPiGo 3. We received the light sensor and connected to one of the I2C ports, per the Mission 3 instructions.

We are now trying the use the light sensor with Python. The documentation shows init_light_sensor() using only ports AD1 or AD2. How can I get this to work with the I2C port?

Hi @billwebbatl,

I don’t have the Mission 3 instructions, but judging from what you say, you are trying to get the light sensor (the regular analog one) to work on the I2C port.

My answer is that you cannot connect an analog sensor to that I2C port simply because the I2C port expects a device talking through the I2C protocol and nothing else. If the sensor were to have the I2C implemented, then yeah, you would be able to do that.

You can check the documentation for the LED here:

Thank you!