Initial set up issues

I have my GoPiGo built, but when I connect using CAT5 cable to the back of my computer, nothing happens. There are no blinking lights on either the computer or on the GoPiGo. All of the cables are connected properly.

I see two potential issues:

  1. The male connectors from the Raspberry Pi are not completely seated inside female connections on the GoPiGo board because of a screw attaching the GoPiGo to the acrylic base. Can I move this to one side so this is not an issue? Or, is there a specific order for the pins on the Raspberry Pi board?
  2. I purchased my GoPiGo kit separately and it did not come with a microSD card. Should I format this card or download software before placing the microSD card into the Pi?

thanks for you help

Hi @we.enjoy4,

On the microSD card you should either have Raspbian For Robots or have Jessie installed with our required dependencies (in your case for the GoPiGo).

For installing the Raspbian for Robots image please follow this link.

Assuming you have Raspbian For Robots installed, follow the steps which are described in the screenshot.

Finally, please post the log.txt file here.

I think a picture/photo of your setup would also be great (i.e: Raspberry Pi sitting below the GoPiGo).

Thank you!