Install NXT & dIMU Inertial Motion Sensor [SOLVED}


I bought dIMU Inertial Motion Sensor and can’t download for it NXT-G block, the links for download don’t work

Please, help me

Sorry about that. I tried to update the links in the manual.

We’ve got them up on github now here:

There are a lot of files of different formats, but lego mindstorms nxt software can’t identify them and install as sensor. May be need another format of the files?

This is the specific directory, the one named after the sensor you’re working with:

Here’s a video on how to install blocks with NXT-G:

yes, I do everything according to instructions, but lego software does not detect the matched files in the folder

What step number on the video do you have problems with?

when i select the folder on step 5, in the step 6 after scan the block list remains empty

Ok, trying it myself. It worked just fine.

Downlaod the entire repository. Change directories to DI_LEGO_NXT/dIMU/NXT/

Select one of the directories under that: Accel, AccelCal, FastGyro, Gyro.

When I do that, I see the name of the directory pup up in the Block Import and Export Wizard, and version 4.0 is showing.

Here’s a screenshot. Pay close attention to which directory I chose.

I don’t understand why, but it worked. Thank you!