Installing all grovepi python scripts on pi

Do I need to run setup or something script to make all the scripts ( some in folders) available ?
Like the python script for the lcd.
Got several of the grovepi kit sensors working on the pi mod 3 wifi… Using VNC, very cool!

Hi @chris3,

If I got you right, you wish to have scripts like available globally so that you can use this library in your program by importing. As of now our install script doesn’t install these libraries globally. Our install script would have to be updated and this might take sometime.
However you can get this to work with your program by copying to the folder which has the program using it.

Please let us know if this helps,

Hi @chris3
You do need to run the install script to make all python libraries available to you.

sudo bash GrovePi/Script/
(adjust the path to where you have installed GrovePi)

Are you using Raspbian for Robots or your own version? With Raspbian for Robots this is already done for you. Also please take note that - as of this moment - only Python 2 is supported . Some of the libraries do work with Python3 but they are not installed system-wide. If you’re using Python3 then your best bet is to get the libraries you are interested in and put them in the same folder as your own code, like @shoban mentioned.