Instructions to Install VNC and GoPiGo Software?

I recently bought and GoPiGo for my Dad (along with a fresh RaspberryPi and a blank SD card). We got the blank SD card formatted with Raspian and it boots fine and we used the instructions to install avahi-demon so we can now remotely ssh into it from either my mac or his windows machine with Putty.

Since it’s a new SD card, I followed the instructions here, and did all of option 3 ‘setting up your sd card’:

All of that install seemed to work fine, but it did not install VNC and did not install any of the GoPiGo software. Is there some other set of instructions I’m missing?

I don’t really need VNC because I’m perfectly comfortable with the command line, but our Desktop has none of the software that is shown in any of the tutorial screenshots.

Did you check the here script to see if the software was installed.

The script does not install VNC. Just run sudo apt-get install tightvncserver to install VNC.

Let us know if you still face any problems.