Integrate Grove Pi Plus + Pi3 Click Shield


I am developing air quality measuring device which is included Grove dust sensor , grove humidity and temperature sensor. I am using a Grove Pi plus to connect these sensors to Raspberry pi. I am also using MQ135 ( No2 Click sensor) and MQ131( Ozone click sensor) , for connecting these latest sensors to Raspberry pi a Pi 3 click shield has been used. So far I have used two Raspberry pi 's for these two groups of sensors. Since Grove Pi plus has 26 pins and Pi3 click shield 40 pins, I am looking for a way to integrate all the sensors with one raspberry pi. Any expansion board or … ?
Otherwise, any information about How Pi3 Click shield maps the Raspberry pin?
Any suggestion/ solution regarding this would be greatly appreciated.


I am not familiar with the Pi 3 Click Shield and a brief search online did not answer my question about it.

In short, the extra pins on the Pi are most likely not used by the Click shield. So you could put it on top of the GrovePi.
It most likely uses either SPI or I2C as communication protocols and if there are no conflicts, you would be good to go.

I’m suggesting this with a caveat. I have not been able to confirm that the click shield uses either one of those protocols. The likelyhood that it does is very high, but not confirmed.


I did not inventory the grove sensors’ port usage, but it seems to me that if more than three analog sensors need to be interfaced, stacking two GrovePi+ might be the preferred solution.

I have not analyzed the GrovePi+ unused pins and interface addresses versus the Pi3 ClickShield - left to the reader.

This is the Pi3 ClickShield schematic:


and the applicable part of the GrovePi+ schematic: