Introducing DexterOS 1.2.0!

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We have just released an update to DexterOS, version 1.2.0! The TLDR We’ve packed even more fun into DexterOS and you can download it here, or download an update package here. We’ve added many new functions and improvements for Bloxter and Python. Sensors The biggest difference are the updates we’ve made to the sensors you…

Hi Dexter Industries, this would be an interesting post to read, however when I click “Full Post” the button changes to “Loading…” but doesn’t display anything more. I’ve tried a couple of different browsers. What am I doing wrong please? Thanks.

Whoops, little bit of confusion on our part. It should be published now!

I am upset you removed support for the ultrasonic sensor with Bloxter. I have a set of 20 GoPiGos with Ultrasonic sensors. I have a whole lesson designed. Now I have to revert back to v1.1. Only expected improvement, didn’t expect this.

I understand your frustration. Please contact about this.

Thank you