Is current GoPiGo software compatible with GoPiGo kit from 2018?

GoPiGo Beginner Starter Kit - I bought this kit on Oct 2018. When I check online, I see references to GoPiGo3. I plan to start using the kit I had bought in 2018. Are all the software available now compatible to the kit I bought in 2018?

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What color is the PC board?

If it is red, it might be compatible. If it is some other color, it might not be.

Once we know what color it is, and the part number on it, then @cleoqc can advise you better.

It is likely that the later versions of Dexter OS are compatible and possibly even the Stretch version of Raspbian for Robots.

Again, cleoqc is the expert and anything she says is worth listening to.

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Oct 2018 should be the GoPiGo3, in which case, yes, the current software is relevant. You may have to upgrade the firmware though and that currently cannot be done if you have a Pi4. If you use the Pi you bought in 2018 then you should be just fine.

And you may not have to upgrade the firmware at all.


Thanks @jimrh and @cleoqc for quick responses. It is Red GoPiGo3GoPiGo3
I still have the Pi I bought in 2018
It is good to know that I can use the current version of the software on my GoPiGo.


Oh hello there, little 26 pin header! You’ve aged well :heart_eyes:


The currently supported software is GoPiGo O/S 3.0.2 which includes features from both Dexter O/S and Raspbian for Robots.

You can also use a download of Legacy Raspbian, (Buster), and “curl” the Dexter robot libraries over it to produce a Raspbian for Robots-like version of Buster without all the beginner stuff.