Is GoPIGO 2 compatible with Raspberry Pi 1?


Merry Christmas everybody!
I just received my GoPiGo (base kit) for Christmas! :slight_smile:

I’m very happy with it but before powering it up, I was wondering if it was compatible with Raspberry pi 1 version B. I am asking it because I know that the GPIO pins are different between RPi B and RPi B+.

I can’t find the information on the site neither on the tutorials.
Is anyone can confirm me that the GoPiGo 2 is compatible with RPi 1 version B?

Thank you very much!


Hi Jeremy,
The GoPiGo works with all the different version of the Raspberry Pi including the Raspberry Pi model B. There is a 26 pin header on the GoPiGo and the same is there on the Pi Model B, so it should be fairly easy to connect it and use it with the GoPiGo.


Hi Karan,

Thank you very much for your answer!
I currently have the Raspberry pi B rev 1. So you tell me that it’s compatible with this one too?



Hi Jeremy,
The GoPiGo would work with the Raspberry Pi B rev1 too without any hiccups.