Is GrovePI compatible with the new Raspberry Pi 3?

Is GrovePI compatible with the new Raspberry Pi 3? Has anyone tried it yet?

We are still waiting for our Pi3’s to arrive so that we can test them comprehensively with our products. We will post an update in a week about the compatibility of the Pi3 with all of Dexter Industries products.


GrovePI is working fine with the Raspberry Pi 3. Setting up Raspberry for Robots is a bit of a challenge right now but works fine.

Hey DennisS, that’s great to hear. Have you tried updating the firmware with the Pi3 on the GrovePi+?

What challenges did you have with setting up Raspbian for Robots on the Pi 3?

Hi John,

The Raspian for Robots image won’t boot on the Pi 3. You need to include the bootfiles from the latest NOOBS 1.8 (If memory serves me right I have unpacked the boot.tar.xz file and used bcm2710-rpi-3… and the .elf files).


edit: I’ve updated firmware without any problems

Just to chime in on this: If you have the Raspbian for Robots image, you just need to run

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade 
sudo rpi-update

And it should boot up fine.

To make it easier: Raspbian for Robots now works with the Pi 3. You can download the full image here:

on Sourceforge. The date stamp on it is 2016.03.28 or greater!

Let’s see some Pi3’s!