Is it possible to control the GopiGo %100 from the RaspberryPi?

Hello everyone,
I am new to to the GopiGo community, sorry if this sounds like stupid question. I am trying to make a robot and program it with python from the raspberry pI (with linux on it) because i am planning to run the ROS system on it too.

So my question is it possible to program and control the GopiGo without the page ?
if there is any tutorial or page you can forward me to, i would appreciate that. Thank you,

Hello @m-alarifi

You can definitely take full control of the robot but you will need to use Raspbian for Robots and not DexterOS. With Raspbian for Robots, you will have full access to the Linus OS and be free to install whatever you want (including ROS)

You can find relevant steps to help you get started on our Raspbian for Robots page.

Those instructions will have you access the Raspbian desktop via a browser, but you can also download a VNC viewer and access through the VNC viewer.