Is it possible to set servo speed on the PivotPi?

The PivotPi is working fine. I am using it to control a MeArm, but the servos move too fast. Is it possible to slow them/set the speed?

As far as I know no.
However lf you reduce the voltage going to the service itself, not the pivotpi, that should work. I’d check that with someone before doing that, may break it.

you need to write a program that steps the degress with a pause in between.
i.e if you want to turn 90 degree have a for loop of 90 steps where in each step you move 1 degrees and then have a short pause.

It is easy to write this in a sub routine then just call it when needed also then if you need to move multi servos slowly at once you can call then as a separate thread so all will run in parallel


Thanks, I’ll put in sleeps to delay.

time.sleep(x) between steps should help reduce the speed.