Is possible to clone fast 2 or more identical grovepi systems?

hi again,

let’s say I have 2 identical microSD, in one grovepi system with sensors I have it working, sending CSV data via wifi to a website

can I just clone this microSD and plug to an identical grovepi system? will it work? I guess I need at least to update the firmware of the system or any other considerations? and what software to clone the cards?

Thanks in advance

Hello @annlee

As long as the Grovepis are running the same firmware, and you’re using compatible Raspberry Pis, then you can clone the cards and they should work just fine.

In Raspbian, there is a SD Card Copier under Accessories in the Raspbian menu. Its a fairly fast process.


thanks, so what I will do is setting up a whole system, then use any soft to copy my dietPi distro

and in the second device install the card and run the firmware update, restart, then should be fine I think

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