Is the ArduBerry right for me?

Hi there

I am building a small wireless controlled robot using the Arduino and the raspberry pi. It works by the user wirelessly connecting through to the raspberry Pi (using vnc or some other form wirelessly) and using the user inputs to send a command to the Arduino which controls the motorised wheels. SO for example if the user presses the up button, a 'W" command is sent from the Raspberry Pi to the Arduino which then reads it and pushes the wheels forward.

I was looking at the arduberry as a replacement instead of connecting a uno to the raspberry pi through usb, but I am not too familiar on how it work. Had a few question such as:

  1. How exactly do they work (connection wise)?

  2. Is it possible to write one python code in the raspberry pi that when run can load the specific ino code into arduino?

Sorry really new to the raspberry pi and need to find a solution soon so any help would be awesome.


Hi Mel,
Arduberry looks like the right product for your application.

To connect Arduberry to the Raspberry Pi, you just need to place it on top of the Raspberry Pi headers. That’s it. No more messy wires running around.

To upload the code to the Arduberry from the Raspberry Pi, you can use the Arduino IDE that comes with the Dexter Industries SD card or you can run a script to install it. If you are inexperienced with the Raspberry Pi then I’ll recommend you to use the Dexter Industries SD card as it comes preinstalled with all the software and settings.

The best thing about Arduberry is that you have Serial, I2C and SPI already connected to the Raspberry Pi, so you can easily communicate between the Raspberry Pi and the Arduberry with any interface.

We also have tutorials for getting the data directly from the Arduberry using Python and C .

You can start with a basic example like Blink and then do whatever you want.

You can buy the Arduberry and the SD card directly from here .

Please let me know if you need any more information.


Sweet Thanks alot for that. Just ordered it.