Is the Grovepi production ended

I have just tried to purchase a another GrovePi, only to find that many of the suppiers in the UK appear no longer to be selling.

Has production of the GrovePi ceased, if so is there a replacement product?

Is see no point in buying a replacement GrovePI if it has been with drawn.


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I am going to refer you to @cleoqc, the acknowledged expert in this.

She knows more about a lot of this stuff than many other people I know.

Community member here: My understanding is that the GrovePi was developed in partnership of Dexter Industries and Seeed Studio.

There was a GrovePi, GrovePi-zero and lastly the GrovePiPlus. The latest round of GrovePiPlus seem to have only been produced by Seeed Studio, so I believe you will need to contact them for availability and distributors in your country.

Googling “GrovePi plus” lists many sources both Seeed Studio direct and many others.

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If that’s the case, there may be little you can do firmware-wise. (Again, I don’t have a GrovePi board, so I’m guessing based on what I have seen.)

Cleoqc is a more definitive source, so it will be interesting to see what she says.


Chip & Dip sells Grove-Pi+ boards for 4,700₽[1], (about $64 USD which is pricy, IMHO), but I may have to go get one just so that someone here will actually have some “stick time” with the beastie.

This way we’ll be able to do a tiny bit more than just guess.

Hmmm.  Can you layer a Grove Pi on a GoPiGo-3?  I wonder if it does anything for the Raspberry Pi’s i2c issues?  Can you use all the extra Grove ports for something useful?

I’m thinking that I should do some research on this device since we seem to be getting a bit of Grove traffic nowadays.   Maybe it’s because people being shut-in gives them time to rummage through stuff they had set aside.

no that is not possible

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