Issues with firmware version 1.4 on the GoPiGo

I just wanted to post my recent experiences with version 1.4 of the firmware for the GoPiGo.

The Raspberry Pi (Rev. 2 - release date Q1 2012) is paired with a newly purchased Base Kit.

When everything is all setup and I turn it on (using the “Dexter-Pi” image), the left wheel just keeps spinning forward. This happens whether or not the Pi is connected to the GoPiGo. The only easy way I can stop it, is by getting to a shell, running the script, and issuing the x command.

Interestingly enough, when issuing some of the other commands, the following behavior is seen:

  • w: both wheels forward
  • a: right wheel forward
  • d: left wheel forward
  • s: right wheel backward
  • i: both wheels forward
  • k: right wheel backward

As these issues do not manifest themselves in version 1.3, I have downgraded for the time being.

Not a big deal, I just wanted to report it so that my nice little GoPiGo continues to receive the new updates and everything keeps operating smoothly.

Thanks a lot for the feedback. We’ll test the v14 firmware and find out what the problem is exactly. v14 is in beta right now and we are trying out some new things. It you have some problems, then it would be better to stick with v13 for normal uses.

It would be great if you could try out v14 and just let us know if you face any other problems when using the GoPiGo.

Thanks again,