It is 2023 and nothing off grovePi+ is working on any OS

really this is annoying …i can better throw it back to a bucket.
I have spent hours and hours trying to get anything to work on a raspberry 3b with
latest os / then os buster / then os Dexter and allso os Jessy :frowning:
Python is not working with all off it… not importing grovepi any more.
Reading all the pdf and webpages how to install and even that is not working.


Hello @dewinder, You seem to have been working hard but perhaps working in a vacuum.

As an ol’ timer here, I was able to move your post to the GrovePi forum. You might notice that it also shows as “Archives”. The GrovePi+ is no longer officially supported, so you have to search the archive posts for hints on using the GrovePi+.

I know very little about the GrovePi+, but have watched folks come to these pages recently and find success - as recently as 5 days ago in fact.

The last time I ventured into giving advice to a GrovePi+ user it was (September 2022):

Only the 32-bit Pi OS (Legacy) are tested/recommended as base for the GrovePi,

Disclaimer: I do not own a GrovePi+ so this is what I would try if I did:

  1. Install Legacy PiOS (Current image at this time is May 3, 2023)
  • Use Raspberry Pi Imager
    • Choose OS → Raspberry Pi OS (other) → Raspberry Pi OS (Legacy)
  • Set it up to connect to your network
  • Make sure it is fully working
    • setup with remote shell or VNC to the desktop
  1. Follow the GrovePi Setup instructions

Suggest you see what those recent folks did that brought success.

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Hello @cyclicalobsessive,

Thanks for your support.
After spending many hours i finally got one blue led working in GrovePi+.

As you already mentioned it is no longer supported by Dexter industries i will not spent any time more on GrovePi.
In the Netherlands they are still selling anything off Seeed GrovePi.

Could @cyclicalobsessive suggest me to which board i should go?
I will be working on a Raspberry 4 with the latest OS. Programming in Visual Studio Code with the latest Python version 3+.
I would like to program XBee, RfId, 433Mhz and Leds.

Best off Regards

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I like that combination as long as you are not trying to run a long time on batteries - The Pi3b really shines for long battery life.

As for an interface board - I’ve not ventured there so I really don’t have a clue. Perhaps asking the pimoroni or adafruit folks for ideas, and on one of the forums.

The Pi makes a great platform for coding, and Python has lots and lots of example code and libraries so you are on a good path - just have to figure out your hardware interfaces.

Take care

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I would like to second @cyclicalobsessive’s suggestion.

One thing:
The Grove Pi board is actually a pretty good interface board, just so long as you’re willing to put in the work.  Unfortunately, Seeed Studios is famous for releasing hardware with virtually zero software support.

As cyclicalobsessive said, the only real work I’ve seen on the Grove Pi is quite old, and the people who knew their way around it were lost when Modular Robotics bought out Dexter Industries.

If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, the Grove Pi will do you well.

If you don’t have the time or patience to “grow your own” code or adapt the existing code to work with your systems, then a daughter board from SparkFun, Adafruit, or Pimaroni would be good choices.

I know that both Adafruit and SparkFun provide excellent support and have thriving forums.

In fact, I have used Adafruit’s Real Time Clock module on my robot and several other Pi based projects.

I recently bought my self a Grove Pi and plan to begin experiments with it, hopefully I can bring it up to date.

Good luck in whatever you choose.

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