It's Winter! How to make anti-static spray

Now that it’s winter - at least in the Northern Hemisphere - static electricity becomes even more of a challenge.  There’s nothing more depressing than to pick up a loved and carefully crafted robot, only to feel a multi-thousand volt bolt of electricity fry it’s sensitive electronics.

Commercially prepared anti-static spray can be had, but it’s expensive.

Anti-static spray can be made very cheaply from liquid fabric softener, (which you may already have), water, and a spray bottle.

All you do is mix about 10-15% fabric softener with warm water in a spray bottle, and there you are!

Spray liberally over any surface that is a potential static generator.

Since fabric softener is, essentially, a perfumed fat solution, it can be very slippery and somewhat conductive.

Avoid spraying on smooth, potentially slippery surfaces and avoid spraying electronics with it.


I’m picking up some extra fabric softener next time I’m at the store! It’s been extremely dry in CO this winter and I’ve been walking on egg shells around all electronics.

Thanks for the tip!

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It doesn’t have to be the fancy kind with the puffy clouds and baby-bottoms - a gallon-jug of the el-cheapo kind works just as well.

. . . and have you considered getting a humidifier or three? Maybe M/R will reimburse you for not destroying their stuff? :grin:

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