Java Library for GrovePi Starter Kit

Hi, I created a Java Library for the grove pi starter kit. the library works with both Java Device I/O and pi4j.
I wanted to share this with you since there is little to no java support and I translated the python and C libs to java and optimized it for multithreading.
It is written in Java8 so its compatible with the latests features.
Also it is mavenized so you can just import the dependencies and go.

Thanks a lot for all the work that you have done with the Java library. We’ll be more than happy to merge it in the main repository. It would be great if you could send us a pull request here: so that we can merge it in the main repo itself.


Hey emoranchel, just wanted to see if you had sent a pull request; haven’t seen it yet. We would love to merge this into our code!

We have a few Java Libraries Available:

Hi, Sorry for the late response, I got completely overwhelmed with other things.

I created a new Java8 folder inside the software folder.

I added a Readme file as well to make it easy for people to use it.


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