Java Support for GoPiGo3

Is there any Java support for GoPiGo3?

I see the Java library for GoPiGo but it doesn’t work with GoPiGo3, and at the GoPiGo3 github there are only Scratch and Python folders. Is there a Java library for GoPiGo3?

If not, what are the differences between GoPiGo and GoPiGo3 so I can try to port the GoPiGo Java library to GoPiGo3?

Hi @gautamplus,

At the moment we don’t have Java support for the GoPiGo3.

So, the GoPiGo3 is a totally different breed from the GoPiGo.

The 2 big differences between the GoPiGo3 and the GoPiGo are:

  1. GoPiGo3 uses SPI protocol for communicating with the Raspberry Pi.

  2. GoPiGo3 has a different API than the GoPiGo.

So, in order for someone to write a GoPiGo3 library in Java, he would have to understand these 2 following modules:

  1. - low-level library for interfacing with the GoPiGo3.

  2. - higher-level library for interfacing with the GoPiGo3 - the library is built on top of library. It’s meant for the users who don’t want to dive too much into the technical bits.

Also, Java support for the GoPiGo3 is expected but we are in the planning phase.
More details will come soon.

Thank you!


Thanks for the information!

I wanted to let you know that I’ve been using my GoPiGo3 with Java and have
written drivers for it, available here:
It’s pretty much a port of your Python library.

I know you said that official Java support is planned, but I figured this
may be helpful in the meantime!

Happy New Year!

Gautam Venkatesan


Cool, ever consider making it work on Android Things?
It runs on the RPi, and has some cool functionality. Just throwing that out there.

Nope, I hadn’t even heard of Android Things. I’ll look into that!