JavaScript for interacting with a 'bot remotely

Greetings, and I hope this finds you safe and well.

While working on my Remote Camera Robot project, I have been researching the ins and outs of JavaScript.

I noticed two things right away:

  1. JavaScript is a BEAST when it comes to remote interaction.
  2. Most of the information available on the Web about JavaScript and debugging in a web browser is horridly dated - as in mid to later Jurassic - Firefox versions from the early 2000’s and HTML 2.n.  (the current rev is 5.n)

I downloaded the Firefox “Developer Edition” which is - allegedly - optimized for web development and debugging.

The “FirstRun” page has some interesting information and tutorials - and I am scoping it out.

I am planning on getting more familiar with JavaScript and using it in a web browser as a generic way to interact with the 'bot in specific ways - as opposed to the VNC desktop.

What say ye?  Does anyone have any specific tips or hints that we can use?