Jupyter terminal intermittent

With JupyterLab on DexterOS, the Terminal tab works sometimes but mostly not. I wish I could understand why it doesn’t work always.

Can you expand on that a little bit? What’s the actual behavior when it doesn’t work?

I know that there’s a bug in JupyterLab when sometimes the terminal just won’t start and it would just hang. Unfortunately for that, we don’t have any control over that. The only thing we can do is update JupyterLab to the latest version and hope for the best.

Is this the same behavior you’re encountering? And regardless, how often does it stop working for you, in percentages?

Thank you!

The behavior is that a tab opens with a black background and a white cursor block but no prompt or activity of any kind. I said it mostly doesn’t work and maybe I would say hardly ever. Sometimes I have seen it start working after some considerable delay. At present I can’t get it to work no matter what I try.

I don’t know if there is any way to run a python script without the terminal.

Hi Robert after some additional investigation I have more that I can report.
What I am finding is that if I open a connection to the robot with DexterOS and go to /python (Jupyterlab) using the Chrome browser the kernels for any ipynb files I have open are immediately ready and the terminal works right away.
However, if I use the Firefox browser to connect to the robot, the kernels for any ipynb files I have open are busy and the terminal gives me no prompt.
But then if I wait at least 5 and perhaps as long as 10 minutes, the kernels will become ready and the terminal gives me a prompt.
So maybe it is fair to say that the terminal does always work with Chrome and also with Firefox if I just wait long enough.

Hmm, I’ve got 2 questions for you:

  1. Are Chrome and Firefox updated to the latest?

  2. What version of DexterOS are you sporting?

As far as it looks to me, that’s the bug I was talking about in JupyterLab. On mine, I remember it behave on either browser, regardless, but it was very rare anyway so we didn’t pay too much attention. There are some other folks that say that’s a browser issue and some others even point fingers at the virtual environment.

There can also be extensions that interfere with JupyterLab, such as ad blockers. Do you have any on your Firefox that might impede JupyterLab? If you do, then if I were you, I’d disable everything and see if it works.

Let me know if you get any insight into this. The best we can do, I think, is updating JupyterLab on DexterOS.

Thank you!

Hi Robert I have been using DexterOS 2.4.0.

I restarted Firefox and that included an update. Now I do not see the problem but I doubt it was the update and it must have been the restart.
So I have no real insight but if it happens again I will let you know.

Had Firefox been running for a long time before you restarted it? I mean, software apps generally start experiencing bugs after a long time of continuous operation: Firefox, Chrome, OSes and so on.

The more connections I open up between Firefox and the robot the more I see it taking a long time for the kernels to show ready and the prompt to appear on the terminal. I am using using Firefox Developer Edition 68.0b7. I do not see the slowness happening with Chrome even with multiple connections.

Well, to be honest, my Firefox had some moments when it would become completely unresponsive, and not because it had a big number of tabs open, but because it had been running for a long time.

So, in a way, you telling me this confirms the behavior I have seen on Firefox.

I’ll keep on eye on it from now on. Thanks for the update.