Kano Motion Sensor

I am trying to pair a Kano Motion sensor with my GoPiGo robot for a Girls Who Code club. Is this possible? And if so can you direct me to a guideline?

Hi @togrady,

As long as the Kano Motion Sensor can be connected to a Raspberry Pi then you can pair it with a GoPiGo robot. Thing is there isn’t much information as to how the Kano Motion Sensor can be interfaced with on a Raspbian Jessie image. They only seem to market their own Kano OS.

You could install Kano OS (which most likely is based on the Raspbian distro) and then try installing the GoPiGo on it.
You could also check their open-source projects and see if there’s a guide on how to interface with their motion sensor.

There are a couple of alternatives to Kano:

  1. We also have a motion sensor. Take a look at our motion sensor. And we also have documentation on how to use it in Python.

  2. You can use our distance sensor as a sort of motion sensor. It’s a bit more complex to do it, but it could work.

Please tell us if there’s anything unclear so we can help you understand.

Thank you!