Latest version of Raspbian for Robots?

Hi there,

I have a BrickPi3 and got trouble installing your node libraries.
I found an issue on Github that says I have to install the “october version” of the OS.
Now I setup my SD Card in january with the image from SourceForce.
The “Version” file on the Pi desktop says this:

As it says this was updated in september, I checked SourceForge again which says the image was modified in February 2017. So I went through the “DI Software Update” on the desktop of the Pi. All went smoothly but the version did not change and I still can’t update the node libraries.

Can anyone help me updating the OS to the latest version of dexterind so I can use the libraries?

Thanks in advance for any help.


As far as I know that date doesn’t change. Meaning that date is just a stamp of what it was initially. So you can be up to date but it will not change. If you updated you are at the latest version. Also as I mentioned in the other topic, NodJs is not supported in the BrickPi3.