LCD and OLED displays shut down Pi


When connecting RGB LCD or OLED display to any I2C connector, board shuts down. GrovePi+ and RaspberryPi 2B. Latest GrovePi firmware and Raspian for Robots image.


Hi @cnc,

What do you mean it shuts down? Does it crash or is the shutdown procedure triggered? And are you referring to the Raspberry Pi that it shuts down? You need to give us more details.

Also, have you tried connecting different devices to that port and see if it works? Other devices than those 2?

Thank you!


As soon as I insert the connector, the Pi turns completely off, as if a short of the Vcc. Removing the connector, it reboots. I’ve tried other non I2C components and nothing happens. I have plugged these two displays into a BBG I2C port without this happening. Checking the pins of the displays with a multimeter doesn’t show a short.


I did some further testing, loaded new sd card and did a new setup. The same thing happened but I left the display connected and the Pi rebooted and I was able to run the OLED hello world program. Samething with the RGB LCD. Apparently the I2C ports don’t like to be hot plugged.


Hi @cnc,

That to me looks like a power supply issue. Long story short: I think the Pi + GrovePi aren’t getting enough current from the power supply.

With what are you powering it up?

Thank you!