LCD RGB Backlight


After using the LCD RGB Backlight for around one hour rectangles suddenly appeared on the screen when i tried to edit the text, and it won’t write text where they are. They appear when the screen is plugged into the grovepi and i haven’t been able to make them disappear. Does anyone know how to fix it?

Do they show up as soon as you power the display or after running the code. To which port are you connecting the display and can you try connecting the display to another I2C port. Do they stil lshow up when you run this: Can you post a video of what happens when you run the above script.


Sorry for the very late reply.

They show up as soon the display gets power, the port does not matter.
I edited the file to include a while True loop to make it a bit clearer. As you can see the text cuts of about midway.

EDIT: File size was to big. Here is a link:

Hey MrW,
It looks like the RGB LCD has broken. Not really sure what the reason might be. I tried googling and people seem to be suggesting to turn the potentiometer on it but not really sure if the LCD has it or if it would do anything:


Thanks for the help, Karan. I’ll just have to use my other one then.