Lead on motor broke, can it be soldered?

As we were assembling the GoPiGo2 my 11 year old broke one of the leads to one of the two motors off. They are somewhat flimsy I must say compared to the rest of the design. I see you have replacement units in the shop bit with shipping to Norway being $35 for a $10 item I thought I’d ask if it can be soldered back on. I have a good iron, I just want to know if there are important considerations I have to make. It was the black lead that broke.


Hi Carl, sorry to hear about this. We’ve upgraded the design a bit and started to add hot glue around the connects to prevent this

Yes, it can be soldered back on, no problem. I recommend putting a few dabs of hot glue around the wire to hold it in place to the plastic covered wire if you can, this should prevent it from snapping off in the future.

Again, I’m really sorry about this! Please let us know how it goes. Thanks, John