Led Fade program


I’ve been playing with the beginner tutorials and was trying out the led_fade.py program. The potentiometer seems to be functioning correctly with the readout but the led is doing nothing. I’ve changed the led to port 3 physically and in the program. As a completionist this is bugging me. lol. Just wondering if there are some tweaks to the program I can make. Thanks.

I tried the code as is, and it works for me.
AFAIK, port D3 does not allow for power modulation, only D5 and D6 (and maybe D8?)

Does it work for you when you put the LED on D5?

Thanks for the reply, CleoQc. Does not work on D5 but…Hooray! Working on D6. Not very bright though. Maybe I can tweak it a bit.

Glad to hear the problem is solved! Is there a disconnect here between our documentation and the code though?

The example code uses D5, which is fine as D5 should work.
I’m not too sure why it would work on D6 but not on D5.

Btw, bgipe1932, there’s a variable resistor which each LED that you can adjust to make the LED brighter. It’s the yellow/orange screwhead that needs to be turned one way or another.