Left motor not working as well as right motor

So, after I got my Gopigo kit, I started to build it. Before I was going to start to code it, I reaized that the left motor with the wheel, didnt make the same sound or ran as good as the right motor. Plus, I also saw that part of the wire was disconnected. Is there any way that I can fix it or buy only new motors?
I will appreciate your help, thank you.


Can you make sure that you have updated the firmware to the latest version. You can check the current version by running the basic_test_all.py in the Python folder and giving it a ‘f’ command. If the version is not 1.2, you should run a firmware update.

Can you try swapping the motors to make sure that the problem is from the motors themselves and not from the code and can you attach a picture of the motor with the disconnected wire.