Lego case for grovepi and pivotpi

So with the BrikPi3 you can hook grovepi sensors and the pivotpi to the BrickPi. That’s is totally awesome, but how do you mount that with Lego’s? Not only would it be nice for a case for the stuff that would fit with Lego’s, but a way to Mount Lego’s to the pivotpi so it can move Lego’s. Just some suggestions that If made and I bought the pivotpi or grovepi sensors, I would totally buy the case! If it was not like like $100. :wink:

@graykevinb: Thanks for the suggestions. We’ll keep them in mind for the future. Also, there is a nice design on thingiverse for a servo to lego adapter that you can use to attach Lego parts to the servo and control them.

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