Lego Mindstorms Bread Board Adapter

I am attempting to use the bread board adapter for the Lego Mindstorms EV3 sensors with my Raspberry PI running Windows 10 IoT. I can successfully wire up projects with a bread board and get the proper GPIO signals working. However after following the blog ( for the wiring of the adapter, I am unable to get any signal on the Raspberry PI. I have attempted this with two seperate adapters and I can’t get it working. If i hook up a simple LED as well as a push button to the same GPIO pins I have no problem getting results. Any help is appreciated.

Check out brickpi. The kit will allow you to use Lego mindstorms with the RPI.

Hey magi, we haven’t tried this on WinIoT. You may find that it’s a little harder to get going as those directions were more or less specifically written for Raspbian. However, if you’re sure you want to proceed with WinIOT, I have a small recommendation that might help!

The EV3 Touch Sensor has a different wiring than the NXT touch sensor. You’ll note in the tutorial you link to, we’re working with an NXT touch sensor. I’m away from the computer I have the schematics in but if you download the EV3 Development guide, they have the schematics in PDF form. You will just need to check the schematic for the pin that needs to be connected (which is different from the pin on the NXT touch sensor).