Libraries for other then basic sensors for grovepi in c# (Windows iot)

Dear Pi lovers :slight_smile:

I want to start a new project for myself and might want to buy some grovepi products since they work with C# in Windows 10 but I was wondering if there are more libraries or examples then the examples for the starter kit.

This because I would like to work with NFC, Gas sensor and Fire sensors for my personal project.

Does anyone know a source here or somewhere else in the WWW? :slight_smile:

all info is welcome and thank you already.



Same for me, I want to use Grove NFC module and searching for solutions.
If anyone has found some information to make it work with windows IoT, I would love to hear about.



We are currently working on developing the C# library, so in the near future you can expect more from us.

Would be nice if you could share with us some project ideas.

Thank you!