Life with Carl - Need 6 minutes less sleep at night

One of the totally useless things Carl has observed is that he can play 6 minutes longer (before needing to “sleep” quietly on his dock) when the temperature in the house is two degF lower.

Total Life:  19661.1 hrs since Aug 22,2018
Life this year:  7775.48 hrs (BOY Aug 22)
Days Booted This Year:  50
Average Time Between Reboot:  155 hrs
Total Dockings:  2250
Dockings this year:  803
New Batteries At Cycle: 2160
Battery Set At Cycle:  90
Docking Failures this year:  28  or  3.4 % of Dockings
Safety Shutdowns this year:  4  or  .4 % of Dockings
Ave Cycle this year (w/o failures):  10.0 hours
Ave Cycle this year:  9.4 hours
Ave Playtime this year:  6.3
Last Docking:  2021-07-05 00:16|[]---- Docking 2250 completed at 8.1 v after 7.9 h playtime
Last Recharge:  2021-07-05 04:16|[]---- Dismount 2250 at 11.0 v after 4.0 h recharge

During the day his playtimes are 7.8 hours, but at night 7.9h!

Totally useless info, but Carl calls it "playtime"
(Actually all interpretations of Carl’s observations are mine. Carl doesn’t care about the meaning of life, he “just is”.)


This is not surprising since battery runtime, (and lifetime), is inversely proportional to temperature.


That’s an incredibly detailed report. Really impressive.

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Have you written code that worked, and returned a year later to add something, only to find you cannot follow your own code?

It is a mashup of awk, sed, bc and bash evaluation, piping, echo, and variables, with no docs or comments. Whoever wrote it was not in their right mind!

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Nope, never. All of my code is perfectly self-documented, flawlessly factored, and makes angels weep when they gaze upon it.
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In reality it doesn’t take nearly a year for me to look at my own code and think “What was that guy thinking…” – and that’s just in Python.


It’s not just software either.

If I had twenty bucks for every time I looked at a circuit and said “What idiot put that resistor there?!!”

The difference between software and hardware is that if you comment out a line that doesn’t make sense, you find out why when the program does something wierd.

With hardware, if you remove a resistor you don’t recognize, you rapidly discover that it was a component that helped limit the current through a very expensive part.

Especially when you are greeted with clouds of smoke, the lab’s circuit breaker tripps putting everyone in the dark, and pages of salty quarterdeck language ensue!

Now, how am I going to explain this to the boss? :roll_eyes: :smirk: