Line Follower for GoPiGo - Dashed lines?

Can the Dexter Industries Line Follower for GoPiGo be programmed to follow dashed lines as well as straight lines? ( Applications would involve scaling up to a full size autonomous vehicle that follows road markers.

If not, are there any more accurate line following sensors compatible with GoPiGo?

That’s an interesting question! I have yet to see a line follower that can deal (easily) with a dashed line. If the gap between the dashes isn’t too long, I guess it would be possible in code.

  1. GoPiGo’s middle sensor is over the line, go forward
  2. GoPiGo’s middle sensor loses track of the line, but none of the side sensors is picking it up. - assume empty dash and keep going straight for the length of an assumed dash.
  3. Hopefully pick up line again. If GoPiGo went straight and the line didn’t turn, we’re fine. If one of the side sensors pick up the line, correct direction so middle sensor is over line. Then follow line till we lose it again.
  4. If line is not picked up again, turn (either right of left) until line is picked up. If line is never picked up, cry for help … :slight_smile:

So while the line follower does not do it out of the box, it can be done methinks.

I’m not sure what it would mean when scaling up to a full size vehicle. It would depend on said vehicle, and what sensors it supports, I guess.

Best of luck with the project! If you need more help, don’t hesitate. It sounds like a great project!