Line follower not working, need help troubleshooting

I’m trying to get the line follower sensor working. I have it connected to the i2c port, but no LEDs light up, and the calibration program hangs.

I checked the voltage of the power connections (black and red wires, I’m assuming those are power) from the i2c port, and I measured around 1V, which seems low. My (NiMH) batteries are fully charged (I’m measuring around 10.2V for all 8.)

This seems like faulty hardware, but I’m not sure whether it’s the line follower sensor or the GoPiGo board. Or perhaps I’m just doing something wrong?

Any advice appreciated!

This does sound like faulty hardware or faulty connections. I’ve always had a red LED that blinks on my line follower and I’ve made tons of mistakes with it.
Could you upload photos that show your line follower and the connections?
Thank you

Hi Cleo, sorry for the delay responding. Photo attached (showing connection between i2c port and line follower).

The LED on the line follower definitely does not light up.

Hi @david.hovemeyer,

Have you tried changing the Grove cable connecting the line sensor to the GoPiGo?

If you still don’t see LEDs blinking then can you send us a troubleshooting log to confirm its a faulty sensor. To generate a troubleshooting log,if you are using Raspbian for Robots image, then follow this guide, generate the test logs and post it on the forums.

If you are using a different image, then run this program and paste the logs with your reply.