Localisation contribution? Russian

It’s exciting that DexterOS 2.0 supports localisation!

I’m planning on taking a GoPiGo over to Kazakhstan to use with the children in my in-laws wider family. Some of them speak great English, but the more technically minded of them do not. Russian is the most widely spoken language there - is it in the roadmap to include a Russian localisation?

Is there anywhere I can contribute (I’m a software developer, so if there’s anything like a git repository it would be easy for me to push a branch to). My partner is a fluent English/Russian speaker and she’d be happy to get involved.

Keep up the good work!


We’d be delighted to add another language! Russian sounds great !

As Bloxter isn’t open source, we do not have a git repo open to all. What we can do though is send you the JSON files and a specific DexterOS image to let you test out the translation.

Let me know if that’s acceptable to you?


Yes - that’s fine with me! I expect you have my email address through the forum, but if you need any more contact details let me know.

How many strings are there in the JSON files to be translated?


May I participate in any beta-testing? I have two Russian granddaughters who would benefit greatly from Russian localization.

Jim “JR”

I had sent you the files for localization but never heard back?

Are you still interested in translating?

I do not recall having received them.

Try sending direct to my e-mail.