Logging into the GoPiGo - DexterOS

I downloaded and installed DexterOS-1.1.1-Final.img on a SD card and put it in a RPi3, turned it on. The RPi boots up and the local HDMI video screen shows “Raspbian GNU/Linux 8 GoPiGo tty1” GoPiGo login:
but it does not accept pi / robots1234 so I assume the username or password has changed? pi / raspberry doesn’t work either. What is it now? I also see the “GoPiGo” device show up on my LAN, and I tried to ssh to the device from PuTTY but just got “Connection refused” so it’s like the standard raspbian OS, needing a first console login to enable ssh. But for that I need the right user/password. Thank you!
EDIT: I discovered that DexterOS is supposed to work only through a browser. Ok, I see that does work now. I’m still curious if there is a login possible or that’s completely disabled?

Hi @beale. You cannot login to DexterOS like this; the only way to use it is to connect over wifi.

If you’re looking for a full Raspbian build where you can use the command line, download Raspbian for Robots here and install it.

As you noted at the bottom of your post: Login is entirely disabled for DexterOS.


Hi @JohnC, I have downloaded Raspbian for robots, but when I boot the raspberry pi it asks for a login. neither pi/robots1234 nor pi/raspberry work as login/password. the prompt starts with Raspbian GNU/Linux 9 GoPiGo tty1. any advice on how I can login? Using keyboard and monitor connected to raspberry pi. Thanks!

What was the name of the file you downloaded? It sounds like you are booting DexterOS instead of Raspbian for Robots

Booting Raspbian for Robots while connected to a keyboard and monitor should take you directly to the desktop

The current version of Raspbian for Robots can be downloaded here:


I’ve downloaded the latest version and installed it. Boot (Raspbian GNU/Linus 9 GoPiGo tty1). I’ve been testing login/pass = pi/robots1234 or pi/raspberry => “Login incorrect”

It doesn’t show any characters for the password :-/
I’m using a wireless keybord
What’s the correct way to login? Thanks for all the help

Of what? Please explain exactly the name of the file you burned to your sdcard.

There are three latest versions possible:

  1. DexterOS_2.5.1.zip
    which you cannot, totally impossible, Don’t try to login at that console prompt on a connected display - You must use a web browser on another computer.

  2. 2019_12_12_Raspbian_For_Robots_Buster…
    For Pi4

  3. 2019.04.05_Raspbian_For_Robots…Stretch.zip
    For all P3 and P4

High [cyclicalobsessive],

@ DexterOS-image-2.4.3.zip

This is the file I’ve downloaded yesterday.


1) On your laptop, pad, or phone: Scan For WiFi Networks, Connect to “GoPiGo” Network
2) In a web browser (Chrome Incognito Window is best): enter or mygopigo.com
3) There is a later version of DexterOS.


To Get the Latest version of Dexter, visit this page:

On That Page, Click There


(Link is for Raspbian For Robots, not DexterOS)


@moderators Please fix that confusing link

Is this open source???

I still can’t login the normal way. Same question like [courtney.coates]. I don’t want/need to have the robot functions, I only want to use the pi for programming the ports because I’ve bought the “GrovePi+ kit”!!! Please provide the login and password.

It seems I’m “stonewalled” :-/

Now at the moment it’s I’ve lost $200 and received extra waste!!! No use at all of this kit.


Contact support@modrobotics.com or load Raspbian For Robots (not DexterOS)

For Pi3:

For Pi4 you have to use :
[https://www.dexterindustries.com/download/r4r_buster ]

THEN you will be able to login in the way are trying to.

(Or if you are so against having an operating system with Robot in the name, load your own Raspberry Pi OS, login with pi/raspberry and then execute:

sudo curl -kL dexterindustries.com/update_grovepi | bash

or these instructions:

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Indeed, DexterOS is Only for the GoPiGo.
If you have a GrovePi, use Raspbian for Robots, as @cyclicalobsessive detailed just above.