Login issues

I chose to buy the formatted SD card from Dexter thru Amazon. I bought 2014.07.30. When I booted the card the first time it opened a desktop but I couldn’t connect to the internet correctly. I rebooted the card and when I did this, I get:

Raspian GNU/Linux 7 ((none) tty1 … unable to determine your tty name… login:

none of the logins here in the forums work. rasp or pi or raspberr. Nothing works. Others had this problem and reflashed their cards. That defeats the point of buying the card in the first place. DEXTER - please help. The formatted card should work!!

Yes, the problem you’re listing sounds like the SD card is unbootable. If it’s stopping at something like “unable to determine your tty name … login” then the SD card is damaged.

It sounds like it booted up correctly before though. So it sounds like it was shipped without defect. The SD card can be damaged by pulling the power or not shutting down prematurely. Was the power yanked from the Pi?