Looking for Beta testers! DexterOS 2.0!

DexterOS 2.0 is soon to be released!!

You can download our Beta here

The big change in Bloxter is language support! For now we’re releasing with English and French, with others to come.

But the really big change in DexterOS is how we support Python. We’ve integrated the brand new JupyterLab, with integrated Notebooks. It offers dynamic Python, a nice way of navigating files and plenty of libraries come pre-loaded.

Jupyter Notebooks are used extensively by Data Scientists and higher ed students and we’re really thrilled to be able to include them within DexterOS! You can read more about JupyterLabs on their blog.


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Does it include Bloxter? I’ve just got my first goPiGo3 and wondering if I should jump into 2.0 with my son but he’ll need to start with Bloxter I reckon.

Hello @a.rudman

Yes it includes Bloxter. The main feature for Bloxter is that it’s been internationalized. For now we offer English and French. With more to come.

I got my gopigo3 yesterday and it seems great except when I connect to mygopigo.com everything works except Jupiter notebooks - when I try to use Python I get a “Error starting Kernel”

I can’t seem to find any documentation on the Jupiter tools for gopigo3 ?? :frowning:

But for the CODE tab – Bloxter works great – is just Python (via Jupiter) that has the problem

Hi @dennys,

That might something that has to do with JupyterLab - a reboot should do the job for you. Please let us know if it’s all good.

Thank you!