Lots of Pi For Thanksgiving

After more than a year not being able to find a Raspberry Pi 3B+ it appears there is plenty of Pi for Thanksgiving.

PiShop.us has in stock:

BTW I recommend:

  • Pi3B+ For non-ROS GoPiGo3
  • Pi4B 2GB For ROS and ROS 2 GoPiGo3

I guess that now that it’s 2 generations old the luster is wearing off.
Doesn’t make it less useful though, for sure.


The 2021 update of the RPi Zero 2 W at $15 is an interesting board. It only has 512k mem and no USB sockets. I’m pretty sure it could run the GoPiGo3 but possibly not the desktop of GoPiGoOS.

If @jimrh isn’t able to pickup a Pi5, perhaps he will grab a Pi Zero 2 W to try with GoPiGo3 Charlie or Charlene.


I’ve been thinking about that, and even looked for them at Micro Center - none.

It’s too late for me to order one and have it arrive in time for me to take it with me.

(Though I believe I have a Pi Zero-W kicking around somewhere, all dejected and lonely.)

If someone wants to overnight one to me so it arrives no later than the 3rd of December, I’ll be glad to take it and experiment with it.

Ditto flight controllers.
Ditto Pi 5’s.